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WIZZIQ® Glass Repair

WIZZIQ® Glass Repair TÜV 43 R certified and now fully BS AU 242b:2022 COMPLIANT

Our laminated glazing repair concept includes a unique repair resin combined with a revolutionary LED-UV lamp.

Our new repair resin, specially developed for the LED polymerization technique, meets today’s demands for an almost invisible windscreen repair. Our acid-free resin penetrates quickly and completely into all types of damages (star breaks, bull- eyes, cracks)

Its high fluidity gives an improved clarity and an almost complete recovery of the optical appearance of the screen. Leading to an amazing result. Its high elongation and tensile strength restores the physical strength of the screen. Guaranteed no discoloration or shrinkage over time. Exceptional extended shelf life of 18 month.

The WIZZIQ® Heater is a unique piece of equipment that will offer you all advantages of the latest technologies. The control of the heat is perfect and will make that a permanent temperature of 70°C will be achieved.