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Wizziq Water Based gel for Glass Repair Head Sucker

Our repair resin, specially developed for the LED polymerization technique, meets today’s demand for an almost invisible windscreen repair within a very short time.


This resin has a high tensile strength and a high level of elongation allowing the glazing to regain its initial strength!

Guaranteed no discoloration or shrinkage in time. Exceptional shelf life of 18 months. 


Our acid-free resin penetrates quickly and completely into all types of damages (star breaks, bull-eyes, cracks, etc,…).

Its high fluidity gives an improved clarity and an almost complete recovery of the optical appearance of the screen… Leading to an amazing result! 


Wizziq Water based gel for glass repair head sucker

  • Classification according to Directive 67/548/EEC [DSD] or 1999/45/EC [DOD]
    The product is classified as not dangerous according to Directive 67/548/EEC[DSD] or 1999/45/EC [DOD] and its amendments.

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