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WizzIQ Glass Repair Systems


The WizzIQ glass repair systems are now BSI: BS AU 242b:2022 COMPLIANT as well as ECE 43R-certified by TÜV Rheinland


Windscreen repair systems used in automotive applications have to sustain different forms of pressure and safety regulations. As glass repairer you are undoubtedly confronted with the fact that your repair result must comply with rigorous safety standards. As a glass technician, you now that your repairing equipment should comply with all aspects of the new BSI: BS AU 242b:2022 standard.

Why WizzIQ?

  1. 3 year warranty

  2. Acid free resins and recyclable

  3. No special chemical bins required

  4. TUV 43R approved, BS AU 242b:2022 compliant

  5. Speed of every repair

  6. Lithium Battery for the curing lamp and heater

  7. 18 month shelf life

  8. UK based supplier

  9. Temp range -15 to +40 degrees C


WizzIQ Repair Systems clearly the way forward.

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