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Wizziq multi Head


If your customers also consist of fleet cars and car rental companies, where you often have to do several repairs simultaneously . Then our IQREPAIRMUlTI is the perfect solution! This kit allows you to save time by reducing the average time needed for each repair, thanks to the 4 injections bridges.


The key points


  • 3 Year warranty
  • Enough products to complete £1600’s worth of repairs at the lower price of
  • Faster repair process cutting labour cost down and maximising efficiency
  • Eco friendly, no special chemical bins or special disposal solutions needed
  • 18 month shelf life or resins
  • TUV 43 R certified ( same certification ALL vehicle glass has to go through)
  • Storage can be as low as -10 without any effect on the resins


Our YouTube video on how to

Multi Head Repair Kit

  • Wizziq Repair Equipment is TUV 43R Certified and BSI Compliant.

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