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Wizziq Long Crack Repair System 


You also repair cracks? IQCRACKKIT provides you with the optimum equipment. Included in the kit the newly developed MULTI LED UV lamp, allows the curing of crack lenghts up to 20cm in the usual 90 seconds. While the powerful lithium-ion battery provides the capacity for up to 50 repairs. IQCRACKKIT contains everything else you need for a successful repair, completed by our new elongated UV film, which is especially useful for crack repairs.


The key points


  • 3 Year warranty
  • Enough products to complete £1600’s worth of repairs at the lower price of
  • Faster repair process cutting labour cost down and maximising efficiency
  • Eco friendly, no special chemical bins or special disposal solutions needed
  • 18 month shelf life or resins
  • TUV 43 R certified ( same certification ALL vehicle glass has to go through)
  • Storage can be as low as -10 without any effect on the resins


Our YouTube video on how to

Glass Repair Long Crack

  • Wizziq Repair Equipment is TUV 43R Certified and BSI Compliant.

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