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Windscreen Glass Repair Kit

Save time and money with our windscreen glass repair kit


Using a windscreen repair kit can save you money compared to replacing the entire windscreen. If you have a small crack or chip in your windscreen, it can often be repaired using a kit which is typically less expensive than replacing the entire windscreen. 


A windscreen repair kit can also be convenient and easy to use. Many kits come with everything you need to make the repair including the instructions, and can be used at home or on the go. Whether you’re keen to fix your own car or want to invest in a kit so you can offer another service to your customers, we are on hand to help.


At ICOR we are proud to sell WIZZIQ


Their Pro Glass Repair Kit is a great investment and a popular option. With this kit you’ll get:


  • Eco friendly, no special chemical bins or special disposal solutions needed

  • 18-month shelf life or resins

  • 3 Year warranty

  • Enough products to complete £1600’s worth of repairs at the lower price of

  • Faster repair process cutting labour cost down and maximising efficiency

  • TUV 43 R certified (same certification ALL vehicle glass has to go through)

  • Storage can be as low as -10 without any effect on the resins

The Multi Head Repair Kit is a great option for those who have a fleet of vehicles. This kit helps you save time by reducing the average time needed for each repair thanks to the 4 injections bridges.

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