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Windscreen Fitting Tools

Try our windscreen fitting tools and repair your own vehicle


When you’ve spotted the signs of a crack in your windscreen, this can quickly turn into a bigger problem. Rather than worry about where you need to get it repaired, you can do it in the comfort of your own space thanks to the Wizziq Glass repair Kit.


At ICOR Ltd we are proud to offer Wizziq glass repair products


With this fantastic kit by your side, you can benefit from:


  • Being able to repair your own vehicle

  • Add another revenue stream & increase your turnover

  • UK based with 24/7 support

  • Simple to use with full BSI training offered

  • Up to £1600 worth of revenue in each kit

  • Eco friendly, no special chemical bins or special disposal solutions needed

  • Storage can be as low as -10 without any effect on the resins


You can also see how to use the kit with our handy YouTube video.


We also have a selection of other products from Wizziq such as:



For any questions, get in touch via the contact form or find us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. 

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