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Complete Windscreen Removal Starter Kit Pro


This kit Comprises of:


61pc Socket and Bit Set - 3/8in.Dr

7pc Windscreen Removal Tool Set

9pc Pick and Hook Set with Gasket Scraper Heavy Duty

Pliers - 3pc Set 8in. / 200mm, Combination Pliers, Long Nose Pliers, Diagonal Side Cutters

PRO PU cut back scraper handle

10m pulling in string

Ratchet Combination Spanner Set - 10pc

6pc Screwdriver Set

46pc Socket and Bit Set - 1/4in.Dr

Trim Removal and Scraper Tool Set - 27pc

Trim Removal Tool - 10-in-1

Double Face Hammer - 30mm

Ravor Blade Holder



Windscreen Removal tool kit

SKU: toolkit