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Daf XF XE XG 2022 sensor pad bracket VHB pad replacement 




Adhesive Camera Support 


Double-sided black non-transparent pad from the reputable European manufacturer.


Daf Sensor Pad

SKU: RS065.1
  • Instructions:     



    1. Detach the camera from the bracket and glass.      

    2. Clean the old sticky pad from the remains of the camera

    support, a good method of cleaning is to press hard with

    your thumb on the remains of the old pad to roll it up.       

    6. Degrease the glass and the camera plate.   

    7. Remove one protective tape from the new campad.

    8. Put the campad on the the camera support bracket   

    9. Then tear off the second protective tape, and press this to the windscreen, someone on the outside pushing back so as not to push the freshly installed windscreen out.

    10. Assemble everything and you're done.

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