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Glass Repair Kit

Want to find a trusted glass repair kit?


Then look no further than us. At ICOR we are proud to stock WIZZIQ, the leading brand when it comes to windscreen repairs.


Their laminated glazing repair solution combines a one-of-a-kind repair compound with a cutting-edge LED-UV lamp. This has been designed specifically for the LED polymerization technology, and it matches today's demand for nearly imperceptible windscreen repairs. 

Their acid-free resin penetrates all forms of damage fast and fully (star breaks, bull- eyes, cracks) and is used by people across the country.


As well as their Wizziq Repair Resin, we also stock a range of their products such as:


Windscreen Repair Pit Fill

Wizziq Finishing Polish

Wizziq Injector

Pro Glass Repair Kit


As well as WIZZIQ products, we also provide:


Edge trims

VW T5 and T6 Steps

Door seals and Glazing Seals

Bonding & Tools

Campads and Rain Sensors

Classic Car Rubbers


Our team are here to help you find the right products


For any questions about any of the products on our website, you can talk to our team who will be happy to help. Get in touch via the contact form and don’t forget to find and follow us on TwitterFacebook or Instagram

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